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Pool Assistance lames de volet pour piscine

Replacing shutter slats

The advantages of a good shutter:


1. Security

Automatic shutters are certainly the safest solutions for covering a swimming pool.

Its waterproof PVC or polycarbonate blades made in Belgium are specially designed to withstand a mass of more than 100kg.

Once your pool is closed, you will no longer have any fear of leaving children and pets unattended. In France, shutters meeting the NF P90-308 standard exempt you from the obligation to enclose your swimming pool, which will further enhance your relaxation area.


2. Hygiene  and savings

When your cover covers your pool, it protects it from various external threats such as light, dirt and cold.

Indeed, the water is no longer in contact with the sun, responsible for photosynthesis, which considerably reduces the proliferation of algae and therefore the use of chemicals to fight against this phenomenon.

In addition, the cover prevents water evaporation and therefore allows your pool to maintain its temperature, which will reduce your energy bill.  



3. Easy to use and stylish

The shutter is certainly the only cover usable by all. Indeed, it is enough to activate a switch so that this one closes or opens. There is therefore neither force nor explanation to provide for its use.

Thanks to its automation and robustness, the shutter is considered the most chic and elegant cover. Unlike tarps, it won't stretch or tear over time.


4. Reliability  

Thanks to the anti-UV treatment undergone by the slats, our shutters are extremely reliable over time. It is advisable to change only the apron every 15 years.  


5. Placement

Replacing an apron is an extremely simple operation since it involves clipping the slats together.

Before placing a new apron, it is important to check the initial power of your engine. Indeed, the engines wear out over time and a new apron, given its tightness compared to the old one, often requires more effort to be rolled up. It therefore happens that it is also necessary to change the motor when replacing the apron. Our aprons are guaranteed for two years.

Lames de volet PVC
Lames de volet PVC solaire
Pool Assistance polycarbonate solaire

From €65.00 /m² including VAT                       From €105.00 / m² including VAT                        From €125.00/m² including VAT                    

Remplacement de lames de volet

Remplacement de lames de volet


Remplacement de lames de volet

Remplacement de lames de volet


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