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Manipulation of the flap

Before rolling up the shutter in its shutter box, it must be ensured that  :

  • nothing rests on the shutter 

  • the robot's cable or hose is not below the flap 

  • the ice does not imprison the shutter


Before unrolling the shutter on the swimming pool, it must be ensured that  :

  • the water is calm (no waves or eddies)  ;

  • nothing obstructs the smooth running of the shutter (games, mattresses, etc.)  ;

  • the passage of the cover under the beam is sufficient (+/- 5cm between the water level and the underside of the beam).


When unrolling the cover on the swimming pool, proceed as follows  :

  • turn the key or operate the remote control to unwind the cover on the pool, while constantly monitoring its unwinding .

  • be ready to press the STOP button if you notice the slightest problem or if the shutter does not pass under the beam within 15 seconds of starting it.


If the shutter has not passed under the beam within 15 seconds, press STOP. Then open the grating and watch what happens. Replace the slats if necessary, and then rewind the shutter while remaining vigilant. The help of a second person would also be appreciable in order to be warned immediately if the winding went wrong.


Finally, a solar shutter can never be exposed to the sun without being on the water, even for 1 minute. If any blades are out of water, it is imperative that they are continuously hosed down. If necessary, place a protection (sheets, blanket, tarpaulin) on the shutter slats to protect them from the sun.


If the shutter is completely unrolled in the shutter tray (accordion), or if the handling instructions have not been followed, the technical intervention will not and cannot be taken under warranty.

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