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Winterizing the swimming pool

Our wintering agenda is open:

Active or passive from €250.00 incl. tax product and travel included on the basis of a normally maintained pool

Don't wait to book the date of your choice on 0496/81 40 92

Winterizing your pool
As soon as the water in your pool approaches 15°C, two pool wintering solutions are available to you: passive wintering
or active wintering.
In both cases, swimming pool wintering limits the proliferation of algae and the incrustation of limestone on the walls of your pool.


How to carry out a passive wintering of the swimming pool?

First, it is necessary to carry out a thorough cleaning of the pool.

  • Thoroughly clean the pool.

  • Clean the water line with the appropriate products or a magic sponge.

  • Adjust the pH between 7.0 and 7.4.

  • Perform a shock chlorine if necessary, then let the filtration run for 24 hours.

  • Pour the winterizing product into the pool. This product prevents the possible development of algae and micro-organisms, limestone deposits and dissolved minerals, it  will also facilitate the return to service in the spring.

  • Lower the water level to 10 cm below the discharge outlets (the skimmers and broom sockets must also be out of the water) and drain all the pipes leading to the technical room. Be careful not to lower the water level too much.  !

  • Dismantle the accessories (ladder, diving board, games, etc.) and store them in a safe place

  • Store the cleaning equipment and the electric robot in a dry place.

  • Arrange the wintering floats diagonally across your pool. These are intended to protect the walls of your pool against freezing, the floats are compressible and therefore absorb the thrust of the ice.

  • Remove the skimmer baskets and install a gizzmo there by screwing it into the drain outlet so as to prevent water from entering. If this is not possible, place wintering caps in the mouth and a gizzmo in the skimmer.

  • Remove the balls from the discharges and the broom intake and fit the wintering caps .

  • Install the winter cover on the pool.


Wintering of the technical room

The filter pump

  • To winterize the filtration pump,  open the cover of the pre-filter and clean the basket, then bleed the pump, unscrew the drain plugs which are generally at the bottom of the pre-filter and under the pump body.

  • In the event of treatment by salt electrolysis or by a regulator, it is recommended to dismantle the cells and probes and store them protected from freezing in the appropriate solution (refer to the instructions for use of the device).

  • Drain your pool pipes.

  • If the technical room is above the water level of the swimming pool open all the valves halfway. If this position is not provided, put them between 2 positions (to prevent the inner seal from sticking).

  • If the technical room is below the water level of the pool, close all the valves.

Sand filter

  • Thoroughly clean the sand filter by sending the backwash water to the drain.

  • Drain through the drain plug and leave open.

  • If necessary, unclog the sand with an appropriate product.

  • Store plugs, seals and covers.


Cartridge filter(s)

  • Remove cartridge(s) for thorough cleaning.

  • Soak them if necessary in an acid solution (10% hydrochloric acid + 90% water) and brush them carefully.


heat pump

  • Disconnect and drain  the heat pump.


Finally, unplug the electrical box.

Active wintering:

   In regions where the risk of frost is low, it is  enough to reduce the filtration time of the swimming pool
   When temperatures drop below 0°, continuous filtration must be programmed, a frost protection box can be installed for more safety
   The chemical and physical maintenance of the pond must be prolonged,  during wintering, the pool water is less polluted and requires fewer maintenance products
   Check pH, chlorine and stabilizer levels regularly
   The heat pump will be disconnected and drained.

Active or passive, the wintering must be limited in its duration to reduce the cleaning time in the spring


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