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Installation of reinforced liner 150/100th: €85.00/m² incl. tax*
*Excluding pool preparation

The installation of the reinforced liner for a perfect waterproofing of your swimming pool

The reinforced liner (unlike the classic 75/100th liner manufactured in the factory) is packaged in rolls of 25m x 1.65m or 25m x 2.05m and cut and welded on site, following these 3 steps:

* Installation of a layer of felt or comfort foam at least on the bottom and the walls

* Installation of the reinforced liner by hot welding with verification of the welds and liquid PVC finish.

* Filling and installation of sealing flanges (backflows, projectors, etc.).

Membrane soudée bleue
Membrane gris clair
Membrane bleue
Membrane gris clair
Membrane sable
Membrane beige
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