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  • Effective cleaning of the bottom and walls
  • Ultra-lightweight for effortless handling
  • Easy to clean filter


Equipped with a system of  smart move,  the robot covers the bottom and the walls of the pool without you having to worry about it. It ensures optimal cleaning thanks to its  brushing function,  which allows debris to be removed quickly before being sucked up. A concentration of know-how  Zodiac ® , at the service of efficiency.

Weighing just 5.5 kg, the TornaX™  RT 3200 is one of the lightest robots  of the market. It offers you a manipulation  simple, fast and effortless.

To simplify your life,  the filter is accessible from the top of the robot and is very easy to clean,  sparing you contact with the debris.

Zodiac Tornax RT 3200

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