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The BL101-10 measurement, control and dosing system has been designed to maintain the level of chlorine in swimming pools and spas. Chlorine, as an oxidant, increases the oxidation-reduction (redox) potential of water when added to it. When the value of the oxidation-reduction potential is greater than 650 mV, the bacteria present are killed in a few seconds.
BL101-10 was developed to be an inexpensive solution allowing the consumer to maintain an ideal level of chlorine at all times. Simply insert the probe and injection valve in line with the recirculation pump and deliver the chemical to be dosed.

3 possible configurations:

  • Controller and probe only (BL101-00)
  • Kit for in-line mounting (BL101-10)
  • Complete kit including bypass loop and panel mounted pass-through cell (BL101-20)

Kit for in-line and flow-cell models includes suction tube with filter and injection tube with valve

HI20083 ORP sensor / °C

BL101 uses the HI20083 probe which incorporates both ORP and temperature sensors and connects to the controller through a single waterproof Quick Connect DIN connector. The PVDF probe body has a 1/2” threaded fitting for insertion into an in-line “T” fitting or flow cell. The rear of the probe has a 3/4” NPT thread for immersion/tank mounting. The probe body has a hex connection to be tightened with a wrench.


BL101-00 comes with ORP/°C electrode with Quick DIN connector and HI20083 2m cable, ORP test solutions (3 pcs) and power cable.

The strong points

  • Accurate and reliable measurements
  • Quick and easy to install
  • On-screen guided operation
  • Silent peristaltic pump with adjustable flow from 0.5 to 3.5 L/h for water volumes ranging from spa to swimming pool
  • Proportional dynamic dosing: Dosage volumes adjust as setpoints approach, eliminating the risk of overdosing and ensuring adequate amounts are added and product savings.
  • Time-out (maximum dosing period) adjustable according to pool size
  • Large backlit LCD screen with simultaneous display of ORP / °C
  • Quick DIN connector with keying ensuring a fast and secure connection
  • Automatic and safe calibration (calibration suspended if electrode deviation is too great to ensure correct calibration)
  • Multicolor LCD screen to quickly see controller status


  • High and low alarms: avoid overdosing of chemicals

Security Pool Plus redox with HI20083 electrode and complete installation kit

810,00 €Price
VAT Included |
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