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Pool controller with remote parameter monitoring


BL122 is an automatic regulation instrument specially designed for private swimming pools and spas. The Hanna Cloud app enables remote connection and access to devices, making it much easier to monitor your settings from anywhere.

This controller allows direct installation of the probe and chemical injection fittings into existing piping.
For conformity monitoring, BL122 is equipped with an integrated data logger. Measurements are recorded every 10 seconds and a new recording begins each new day or when the instrument is calibrated. Logged data includes pH, ORP and temperature values, last calibration data, plant configuration and event data.

The chlorine level is measured according to the principle of the redox potential. An increase in the redox value correlates with an increase in the level of free chlorine. pH and sanitizer measurements are performed together for more effective disinfection and control. The effectiveness of disinfectants depends on a controlled pH value.

BL122 combines in a single entity 2 regulators and 2 dosing pumps, controlled by a combined digital pH/redox/temperature electrode, unique on the market. It is equipped with a DIN connector allowing the combined measurement of the 3 parameters and a simple, fast and secure connection. In addition, it is equipped with a differential input, protecting the signals from parasitic currents and interference from cables with insufficient shielding.

BL122-10, wall-mounted pH/chlorine controller for swimming pools and spas comes with a complete installation kit including a combined digital pH/ORP/°C electrode with differential input and 2 m cable, suction and injection hose 5 m, hoses for peristaltic pumps (2 pcs), injectors (2 pcs), connection clamp for electrode (for hoses Ø 50 mm), connection clamp for injector (for hoses Ø 50 mm) (2 pcs), filters d (2 pcs), pH 4.01 and 7.01 buffer solutions in sachets (3 x 20 mL each), 470 mV redox test solution (250 mL) and a power cable.


Hanna Cloud is a web application that allows you to connect to BL122.
The measurements and stored data can be accessed directly from your PC, tablet or smartphone. It is possible to manage several BL122 simultaneously.

When your instrument measures and controls your process, measurements, trends, history, device settings, alarms and messages are transmitted to your "Dashboard".

A secondary user can also be added to your device account to monitor measurements and receive emails, pop-up messages or text messages from your therapy device.

Hanna Cloud integrates the security of your personal information. We protect your personal data with technical and administrative security measures to reduce the risk of loss or misuse. These include a secure connection, device identity registration, and password encryption.

The Hanna Cloud app is compatible with most modern web browsers.


  • Remote parameter monitoring with Hanna Cloud connectivity
  • Accurate and reliable measurements
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Silent peristaltic pumps with adjustable flow rates (0.5 to 3.5 l/h) for water volumes ranging from spa to swimming pool
  • Proportional dosing, slowing of the dosing when approaching the set point
  • Delay time adjustable for pH and redox (adjustable injection delay allowing stabilization of pH and redox measurements)
  • Time-out (maximum dosing period) adjustable according to pool size
  • Large backlit LCD display with simultaneous display of pH/redox/°C
  • Password protected system configuration
  • Automatic storage of measurements every 10 seconds
  • USB port for retrieving stored data
  • Automatic and safe calibration (calibration suspended if electrode deviation is too great to ensure correct calibration)
  • GLP function, storage of electrode values (offset and slope) and last calibration data
  • Display of calibration history and electrode status
  • Input for flow control (optional!)
  • Multi-color LED to indicate if the system is in measuring / dosing / alarm mode


  • Digital combined pH/ORP electrode, with integrated temperature sensor and differential input
  • ¾” thread
  • Connecting saddle 50 mm, 63 mm, 75 mm
  • High and low alarms for each parameter: avoid overdosing of chemicals
  • Intelligent “master/slave” dosage: as long as the pH is not stabilized, chlorine is not injected in order to avoid any gaseous release of Cl2
  • R-HOLD function to switch off the dosing pumps remotely in the event of a problem
  • Digital input for level controller (not supplied)


  • The only controller on the market, equipped with a digital combined pH/ORP electrode with integrated temperature sensor and differential input
  • Electrode immune to interference from other cables or stray currents
  • Accurate and stable measurements
  • Long life expectancy
  • Water temperature measurement
  • Quick and easy installation, calibration and maintenance

Security Pool Plus BL122

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