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The Gaia, projector to be screwed into most discharge nozzles and 1.5 inch broom sockets.
Its new version has been improved to double its luminous flux while maintaining its ease of use.
It also gains durability through the use of a new heat dissipation system.

  • The projector is screwed into 1.5 inch wall bushings
  • Adapter for 2 inch bushings
  • Supplied with 3m of cable: 2x0.75mm² (pre-assembled)
  • Power supply 12V AC / frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
  • Height: 175mm


CAUTION: Lens only
Requires a Gaïa bezel to create a complete projector
Available in multiple colors

The projector is customizable with a trim available in 4 different colors: white, sand, gray and anthracite.
Select the lighting of your projector according to your desires.

Cool white or warm white lighting for two unique monochrome atmospheres or multicolored lighting for a colorful pool.

GAIA projector

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