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Flow at 8 m from CE: 13.5 m3/h
Electric power: 0.63 kW (1 CV) Supply voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz


The Astralpool Sena pump belongs to the category of swimming pool filtration pumps. It is a range of automatic self-priming pumps combining aesthetics and performance!


Sena pool pumps are part of the wide range of AstralPool pool pumps. Reliable, durable and well thought out , Sena has a perfect alliance between record performance and low noise level . Perfect for equipping private pools and meeting the requirements of individuals and professionals alike, this range is not only efficient, it is also elegant and has an attractive design that characterizes the line of products offered by the manufacturer Astral swimming pool.


At the technical level, it is important to emphasize that the Sena swimming pool pump has a high self-suction capacity of 2 meters , without a foot valve. In addition, Sena pool pumps are made of engineering plastic and are equipped with a large capacity pre-filter basket . Such a pre-filter, here with a capacity of 2 liters, makes it easier to clean and inspect more easily, thanks to the transparent cover of the pump. The Sena swimming pool pump withstands nominal voltage variations of plus or minus 10% thanks to the Eurotension motor with which it is fitted.


Technical characteristics 
Reference ASTRAL POOL Sena 1CV Mono
Flow at 8 m CE 13.5 m³/h
Hydraulic suction connection pre-filter fitted with a 1/2 removable union ø 50 female to be glued
Hydraulic connection to the discharge pump body fitted with a 1/2 removable union ø 50 female to be glued
Nominal power 0.63kW
Absorbed power 0.91kW
Supply voltage 230V Single
Amperage 4.2A
Motor class F insulation IP-55 sealing
Turbine Noryl
Mechanical seal AISI 316 steel fixed part in Alumina Oxide
Pre-filter basket prevents the entry of solid elements into the hydraulics
Pre-filter cover transparent bayonet system
Self-priming pump geometric suction height max. 2.00m
Tip from the pro
CE and HMT, quezaco?

The flow rate of a pump is variable according to 3 factors:
  • The geometric suction height: this is the height measured in meters of water column (WC) between the "suction" mouth of the pump and the body of water in the swimming pool. When the pump is located above the water level, this situation is said to be "in elevation". The geometric suction height rarely exceeds 2 to 3 m so as not to disturb the self-priming and the efficiency of the pump. In the best case, this height is zero: the pump is at the same level as the body of water, or even below; the pump is then said to be "under load" and its geometric suction height is negative. It is in this situation that a pump performs best.
  • The geometric discharge height: this is the height measured in meters of water column (WC) between the "discharge" mouth of the pump and the body of water in the swimming pool. This height can be positive (pump located below), zero (pump at the same level) or negative (pump located above). The geometric discharge height is less restrictive for a pump than the geometric suction height.
  • The pressure drops of the installation: these consist of all the hydraulic equipment; each of them constitutes an obstacle which slows down the circulation of water. The accumulation of its obstacles is also measured in meters of water column (WC) from the "load loss curves" concerning each material...
  • All you have to do is add up all the meters of water column (CE) to obtain the Total Manometric Head (HMT) of the installation! By convention, rather than having a long and expensive calculation carried out by a Design Office, the profession considers that a standard family swimming pool installation*, generates a HMT of 8 to 10m of CE.
  • The pool's technical room is located less than 5.00 m from the pool. The choice of the diameter of the fittings and the pipes is preponderant in order to limit the pressure drops of the installation as much as possible.
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For Sena family pumps, maximum flow and low noise go hand in hand. Enough to fully satisfy the needs of private pool users, with the added bonus of the attractive design that characterizes AstralPool.

Highlight: self-suction capacity of more than 2 m without foot valve. In addition, the Sena pumps, built in engineering plastics, are equipped with a pre-filter with a capacity of 2 liters, the interior of which can be easily inspected thanks to its transparent cover.

All the pumps in the Sena range include a pre-filter whose cover, fitted with a bayonet system, closes with a single movement, a quarter turn. The upper part of the cover forms a cross which allows the use of any tool to open and close the pre-filter. The base of the pump, particularly stable, is very easily mounted on the body, without the need for screws

The Sena family is available in single-phase motors from 0.33 CV to 1.25 CV and three-phase from 0.75 CV to 1.25 CV, which can work respectively at a voltage of 230 V mono and 230/400 V tri, and support nominal voltage variations of ±10%, thanks to its Eurotension motors.

Sena pumps comply with the EN-60335-2-41\A1:2001 standard, which allows them to carry the TÜV-GS label.

Pump Astral Pool Sena 1cv

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