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This waterproof product is resistant to all water treatments and is also treated against bacteria and fungi.
It can be placed on the walls, the bottom and the stairs.
Here are all its advantages:


  • Up to 80% less losses through the bottom and the wall
  • Protects the liner
  • Without memory
  • A very high density preventing any deformation over time
  • Very comfortable to the touch
  • Sits like felt
  • Guaranteed 10 years
  • Prevents having to cement


Technical specifications

1.5 x 40m roll of 18mm thick non-memory foam insulation. Replaces the application of a cementing and the installation of a felt.

Insupool provides great comfort and has extraordinary insulating power.


  • Materials: Modified Polyethylene
  • Thickness: 18mm (other thicknesses are possible on request)
  • Application: to stick with a glue sold by AllForPools
  • Thermal resistance at 10°C: 0.545m²K/W
  • White colour
  • Density: withstands a pressure of 3T without deformation
  • Packaging: 60m²/roll (1.5*40m)
  • Requires your parts to be sealed to come out 18mm.

Insupool Foam Insulation 18Mm - 1.5M*40M

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