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Made in Germany by the Elbe company, this high-end liner is one of the market leaders.

The roll is 25m long and is made up of two 75/100th sheets and reinforced with a polyester weft to guarantee unfailing solidity.

Elbeblue line reinforced membranes have been manufactured in a factory located in Germany since 1956.

"Made in Germany" means impeccable quality and longevity.

Elbe is the only manufacturer in the world to have certified its liner to the EN 71-3 standard (chemicals used in the toy industry).

This means that the membrane does not contain any heavy metals, for the happiness and health of the welder, but also of the swimmers.

The Elbe membrane is equipped with elements delaying the appearance of algae and microbes. This liner is very resistant to discoloration and accepts a maximum temperature of 32°C. For higher temperatures, Elbe offers its Elite liner range.


If you are looking for a liner welder, do not hesitate to contact us.

Liner Weapon Elbe Classic 200cm

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