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Offer luxury and originality to your customers. The Aquasense liner gives the perfect illusion of sandy beach, stone tiles, mosaic, or even marble. 
The textured liner from the Alkor brand is made up of two 75/100th sheets and reinforced with a polyester weft to guarantee you foolproof solidity.

The coat of varnish will give your pools a longer lifespan and protect the membrane against UV rays and various stains (sun creams, etc.)

CGT ALKOR offers you a reinforced liner developed according to NT T54-803-2 AND NF EN 15836-2 standards.

We offer rolls of reinforced membrane with textured surface 165 cm wide and 20 meters long , packed in an individual cardboard box for easy transport.

Liner Weapon Cgt Alkor 3D - Aquasense

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