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Klereo Kalypso pro Chlore combines the essential pool functions with an excellent quality/price ratio.


It is connected to the existing electrical box of the swimming pool.


This Kléréo Kalypso Pro is designed for swimming pool renovation. If you opt for the internet connection kit, you can manage your entire pool from your Smartphone!


  The advantages of Kalypso Pro Chlorine: > 75M³

  • Automatic water treatment  : regulation of pH and disinfectant
  • Filtration regulation:  for better water quality
  • Energy savings  : and monitoring of consumption,
  • A connected swimming pool  : to your smartphone, tablet or PC to consult the parameters of the swimming pool
  • Protection of the filtration pump and the pool lining
  • Frost protection:  (optional)
  • A compact product  which adapts to any type of swimming pool and technical room,

The Klereo system is compatible with automatic valves for cleaning the sand filter.


  The Kalypso Pro Basic Kit:


1 electronic control unit
2 dosing pumps 1.5 l/h
1 water temperature sensor
1 pH probe
1 ORP sensor
Disinfection accessories


Klereo Kalypso Pro Liquid Chlorine

VAT Included |
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