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Do you want water as clear, beautiful and transparent as in the exotic islands but in your swimming pool ? Poolgel CTX-39 is the revolution you need! Sold in a single dose, the effectiveness and use of this maintenance tool is more than guaranteed. Ingenious, it's an amazing innovation! The leading brand of pool water care and treatment CTX-39 has hit hard with full transparency.


The effects of CTX-39 Pool Gel on your pool water


CTX-39 PoolGel is a water clarifier in gel form. It is sold in individual doses to make it easier for you: since it is a chemical component, it is safer. And no more need to make your own dosages. Namely that a pot treats 50/60 m³ of water. It makes it crystal clear and really cleans the pool of all its impurities and particles for the result of clean and transparent water.


Cleaning the swimming pool therefore becomes an efficient but also ecological operation ! It is an ingenious maintenance tool.


Warning: Do not use with diatomaceous earth filter or cartridge filter



Read the instructions on the packaging carefully before use.

Pool Gel 1 dose CTX 39

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