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The first heat pump equipped with a Turbofan turbine. Air is drawn in from the back and expelled from the sides. This innovation allows better efficiency, but also lower clearance than most heat pumps.


Effective even in winter

Designed to heat or cool your pool all year round Mr Perfect operates down to -15°C and extends your season. It is one of the heat pumps with the best performance on the market at low temperatures.


Maximum COP of 16

Thanks to its unique Inverter technology, its Mitsubishi compressor and its brushless fan, the performance obtained is exceptional.


Smartphone app

If your heat pump picks up the Wifi of the house, you can access it from anywhere in the world thanks to your Smartphone.  



The Mr Perfect has a 3 year warranty on all components. The compressor is guaranteed for 5 years and the exchanger for 8 years.  


Quieter than a fridge

The Mr Perfect is probably the quietest pump on the market. The 14 kW emits only 46 dB at 1m at 100%!


Reduce your footprint

Thanks to its exceptional performance and the R32 gas used, you reduce your carbon footprint and greenhouse gases.  


Outstanding design

Heat pumps are often visible in the garden. The sleek design of the Mr Perfect makes it elegant and discreet.


Winter cover

The heat pump is delivered with a luxury winter cover, a condensate kit and 4 silent-blocks.

Black Perfect 11kW Inverter Heat Pump

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