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Net'Skim is a disposable hygienic pre-filter that adapts to all skimmers (up to a diameter of 24cm). Net'Skim captures residues before the pump pre-filter and increases the fineness of filtration:

No more cleaning the skimmer baskets,
Hygienic disposal of "packaged" waste in the pre-filter
Saving water and chemicals
Improved water quality
Easier and less frequent pond maintenance
Spacing of main filter cleanings
Preservation of the pump and all the equipment
The box contains 12 disposable pre-filters.


Made with a new treated fiber, Net'Skim is resistant to chlorine and other water disinfection chemicals. This pre-filter is equipped with a double fixing in the skimmer basket, elastic band for the top and plastic clip for the bottom of the basket, which makes it possible to circumvent the problems of backflow when the filtration is stopped.
The result is immediate: easier pool maintenance, improved water quality, chemical savings, the pump and filter are protected... So many advantages with Net'Skim which is very easy to use.

Netskim disposable pre-filter

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