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The Zodiac brand Mamba robot connects to the pool's hydraulic system equipment to provide easy cleaning of the bottom of the pool without using electricity.


Optimal cleaning of the bottom of your pond


The Mamba robot , offered in our hydraulic pool robots category , is suitable for automatic bottom cleaning of all types of in-ground pools or flat-bottomed above-ground pools.


Quick and easy to install, the Mamba hydraulic robot connects directly to the skimmer, the broom socket or the pool's suction outlet. It therefore works without electricity, simply with the pressure of the suction nozzles.


Hook up your Mamba Hydraulic Vacuum to your pond the same way you would a manual vacuum, except with this robot you save the time and hassle  ! It moves on its own and sucks on its own, you just have to watch it act, or enjoy your pool during this time...


How the Mamba Works  ?


The Mamba robot uses the filtration system to move autonomously and works by suction, without electricity. It moves by suction thanks to the filtration rate of your swimming pool and requires a minimum flow rate of 4 m 3 /h.


The Mamba is equipped with a 10 meter hose, which can be connected to the filtration circuit. Specially designed for optimal movement of the robot, the hose is flexible and practical and connects easily and quickly to the skimmer or the broom socket.


It can also act as a mobile bottom drain. This hydraulic pool cleaner has a pressure regulator that guarantees a constant flow and stress-free cleaning for you.  !




+ Quick and easy installation

+ Quick connection to the broom socket or a suction nozzle

+ Suitable for in-ground or flat-bottomed above-ground pools

+ Automatic cleaner that works on the suction filtration circuit, without the need for electricity

+ The robot uses the pool's filtration system, with a minimum flow of 4m3/h for optimal operation

+ Very flexible special hose of 10  m long

+ Can also be used as a mobile bottom drain

+ The Mamba is equipped with a pressure regulator to guarantee a constant flow for optimal cleaning

Mamba vacuum cleaner

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